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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What to do now?!?! - SOLC 27

I have read several other blogs from the SOLC in the last couple of days that question what will happen to all the blogs they have enjoyed reading after the completion of the challenge.  I also wonder what will happen.  Will I still be able to find some of my favorites?  Will they continue to post on a regular basis?  What should I do with my blog after the challenge is complete?   I will be selfish and state that I will miss getting daily comments about my writing.  I live for the email that tells me someone has commented on my blog.  Oh well, I have to find ways to keep it going for me and not just the comments I might receive to boost my spirits on a daily basis.  :)

Here are some thought on what I can do to keep my blog going, even if its only for myself.
1.  I could continue to take part in the Tuesday SOLC through the rest of the year.
2.  I could post memories with pictures for my future self and family.
3.  I could take part in the 365 photography challenge starting next year and post it on my blog.
4.  I could start compiling all my classroom knowledge on special needs and share it on my blog.
5.  I could search for other blog challenges and try to get in on those.  I love a good challenge.
6.  I could find a way to use my blog in the classroom more.


  1. I, too, am sad that it's almost over...:( I want to continue writing everyday and slicing on Tuesdays. Great goals for continuing your writing. I hope our paths cross in the future!

    Jennifer K.

  2. 7. You can blog every day and I will still comment.
    8. You can put create lessons on your blog for people to use, like some bloggers give recipes.
    9. You can write out the silly things that students say each day.
    10. You can teach blogs in "our" class next year!

    1. Great ideas. I will add these to my list. I am glad I have you to always boost my spirit. :D

  3. You already have it figured out! I think we need a celebration for completing the challenge.

  4. I want to hear more about the photography challenge. You have to share.