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Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh the noise, noise, noise! - SOLC 19

Today was truly a case of loud, louder, loudest.  As the day dragged slowly on, the noise increased at a rapid rate.  By the end of the day I felt like the Grinch.  I was even beginning to act like the Grinch.  The morning started out fine.  It was a typical Monday morning.  Everyone was sleepy and just going through the motions.   The clock ticked ten and the kids got loud.  Then it was lunch and the kids got louder.  Then it was the two and the kids were the loudest.  My head was pounding and my mouth was shouting.  The poor kids.  I know they are starting to get the spring break jitters and the weather is making them giddy.  I should have been understanding.  The Grinch in me just wouldn't let it happen.   Hopefully my heart will grow two sizes over night and all will be well tomorrow.


  1. Great analogy! I've been feeling a bit Grinchy myself. I like how you went through the passage of time, but I cannot believe your 2:00 was louder than the 1:00!!!! Hope your heart is huge tomorrow. :)