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Friday, March 16, 2012

It Worked, Hallelujah - SOLC 16

I have posted before about my lovable yet crazy dog. She had recently went off the deep end and decided I was a cruel mommy for putting her in the pantry all night long. She howled and whined and cried until I slept with her on the living room couch. She has been continuously doing that every night since then. You would think I was torturing her instead of pampering her with comfortable bedding and treats in order to get her to enjoy her nightly rest.

 My husband not having lived with my baby for the past fifteen years thought we should just put her in the garage so he didn't have to hear her. I couldn't do it. The dog, Pepper, has wrapped her little paws around my heart and I could never put her someplace I wouldn't want to be. So, we have been trying several things that allows me to sleep in my own bed and allows her to be close to me without letting her have free rein to destroy the house. Nothing that we tried so far has worked.

Our last attempt was an open crate that she could see out. It was placed next to my side of the bed. We got it set up and I put her favorite pillow in there with water and her treat. I closed the door and climbed in bed. I was so nervous. Will it work this time? We she bark and whine again tonight? My heart was beating rapidly as I layed there waiting to see what happened. I was afraid to move for fear she would think she could leave her crate. She moaned. My heart stopped. Silence, she was just moaning as she settled her old bones down on her pillow. My heart sped up again. Would she stay settled now? Will she stay calm all night?

 The next thing I knew, my alarm was ringing. We both made it through the night. Hallelujah! We found something that worked. Now I just have to worry about it working for more than one day. This morning though, was a great morning. I was sing praise as I got around, so thankful that it worked.

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  1. She was just moaning as she settled her old bones down on her pillow. - Great sentence!

    Hope this is a good weekend with Pepper resting and you sleeping...right where you both should be.