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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A mornings person, I am not! SOLC 10

I HATE mornings. I always have and always will. My lack of kindness and general social awareness in the morning has never really been a problem in my adult life. I have always been able to get up and have an hour plus my drive to put on my happy face or at least a tolerant face before I greet the rest of the world. Then, I got married.

My husband never sleeps in. He is all happy and ready to go as soon as he opens his eyes. I have tried to get him to realize that I don't do mornings. I will not wake up and wish him a good morning. I will grunt and that will always mean - GO AWAY! His happy manner in the morning is as offensive to me as my stinging looks and grunting is to him. I did warn him about my morning views and he married me anyway. He either didn't believe me or he really loves me despite my hatred of the early a.m.

The only time he ever has to deal with my morning behavior is on the weekends. He leaves before me for work so only my dog is aware of my morning hatred through the week. She isn't bothered by it. If only my husband would learn to let me wake naturally, he would have a loving wife the rest of the day. :) We will see if he learns this valuable lesson as our new marriage turns in to many years together.


  1. I have a dear friend that claims if you were born in the late afternoon or night you are not going to be a morning person. If you were born early in the morning/morning you will be an morning person. Test this unscientific may explain to your husband why cheer is not part of your morning is out of your control.

    Your post was delightful to read. I could feel the time you need to greet the day!

  2. Ha! Morning people never understand non-morning people! Love will allow you to tolerate each other. And later, children will help you become more alert quickly from the state of sleep...

  3. You're good! This is funny! Tell Mrs. C. I found the opposite. I used to be a morning person and after I had children, my biological clock changed me and now I am not a morning person any longer, but I'm not a night person either. Go figure! I loved reading this. You two will work it out! Opposites attract and it just makes life more interesting! Tell your hubby, he won't get bored this way! Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :)