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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy Nothings - SOLC 28

If you know me, even a little, you soon realize my love of all things Jane Austen.  She was a great writer.  I love everything having to do with her books.  I have at least two copies of all of her books, some even more than that.  I try and read them at least once a year.  Well, at least Pride and Prejudice, my favorite of her books.  When I find something involving her, her books, or that era I cannot help but purchase it.  I am obsessed.  

I needed a little inspiration today for my writing.  I went to my favorite author and found this quote.  

Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings. 
Jane Austen 

I thought this was so appropriate.  It sums up the last few days so well.  Many, many things have happened but when it comes to slicing about one of them, those happenings really are busy nothings.  Life is funny that way.  You can fill an entire day and at the end of it nothing really happened.  I think I prefer it to the extraordinary or horrid things that I could experience.  Jane Austen wrote it best.  

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
Jane Austen

Amen, sister!  


  1. I love that you wrote about one of your passions! Jane is "right on"!! I am glad to be home, though my busy nothing's follow me here. P.S. Miss you!

  2. Are you going to order the Jane Austen book from the book clubs?