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Thursday, March 22, 2012

ghost stories - SOLC 22

I am the biggest chicken ever.  Although I am scared of pretty much everything, I don't believe in ghosts and all that hoopla.  So, I have no idea what possessed me to tune in to Celebrity Ghost Stories on my TV when I got home from school this afternoon.  I was enraptured by their stories of ghosts in Hollywood.  The program did a pretty good job of adding suspense and spook with their flashing scenes and scary music.  Again, I don't believe in ghosts! My imagination though is a bit uncertain.  This is why I will lie awake tonight while my imagination turns every outside sound into a ghost.  :(  Boo Hoo!!!


  1. I hope it doesn't keep you awake! I don't believe in ghosts either but I don't like to watch shows with them either because it does that very thing to me. Think of some other more pleasant things, like summer!!!! Going for a walk outside, biking with your hubby! Enjoying a nice cool swim in the lake. Thanks for sharing. Happy slicing! :)

  2. Ha!! Love the words: hoopla, enraptured, suspense and spook! Have fun tonight...and tomorrow when you are home alone.