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Friday, March 23, 2012

IEP Woes - SOLC 23

Here are some silly little couplets that describe my day today as I was working on IEP's.

The documents reach up to the sky.
Oh, how I wish I could die.

One IEP complete.
It is so, so sweet.

The day drags on so slow.
Why can't I get into a  flow?

I am finally half way done.
Too bad I can't bask in the sun.

Only a few more to go.
I suddenly don't feel so low.

A message about closing the IEP site!!!
It gives my heart such a fright.

Now, I am rearranging my plan.
I am not a big fan.

It better be a fast update.
Or my paper work will be done late.

Taking a forced break.
Oh, for goodness sake!


  1. I loved this! I totally know how you feel. I will remember to come back and read tomorrow to read when I am feeling crazed by the IEPs.

  2. I have friends who have expressed the same thoughts. Paperwork, will it ever go away?

  3. I know hoe IEPs can go. I had a lot of teacher friends who spent days/hours saying the right thing. Good luck to you and March is almost over.

  4. Practice for our poetry unit!! Way to go! Hope they get done so you can enjoy Hunger Games without thinking about them. Ha!

  5. I spent YEARS writing IEPs. It is not easy work!

  6. Great way to write a poem! Did you feel better after you wrote it? Are you close to being done? Hope so. Thanks for sharing. Happy Slicing! :)