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Monday, March 5, 2012

Honking at the Police - SOLC 5

Is it wise to honk at a police officer?  I really wanted to honk in frustration at the police officer that didn't realize the light had turned green and he should move.  I decided it was better to sit there through the light than honk at the police.  He finally realized and moved.  Of course he was speeding down the road after that.  I caught up to him at the next light where I was turning.  He must of decided to turn as well and swerve into my lane ahead of me.  Again, probably not wise to honk at him in frustration.  I decided that it was better to have him in front of me acting crazy then behind me where I could get a ticket.  He eventually got his head on straight and was driving better.  Sadly, I think it was the person in front of him trying to avoid a ticket that had him following the speed limit.  I was never more happy than when he decided to turn, using his signal appropriately.  Way to go, police officer!

Then after I calmed my tendency toward road rage, I was thinking of how we hold people up to certain standards.  I hate being held to societies standards for teachers or how a few seem to be what is considered the norm. I think I should learn a little more patience with the police or at least the ones that happens to be driving in front of me on Monday mornings that I decide to skip my delicious chai tea.


  1. Great perspective.... I think that I hold Police Officers to the higher standard because I have to in order to trust them and look up to them. I suppose parents could say the same for me, and I would say the same about my childrens' teachers, I guess. I especially think it's justifiable when the officer is in his car, right? I mean - those cars kinda call attention to themselves, saying, "Look at me! Do what I do!" Then again, maybe I am looking for justification for all of the times I have been in your exact same situation! :) And then, you made me think.... there are moments I would like to be out in public, around children, and not have any risk involved of being "A Teacher". Given that I am not the Queen of Patience, maybe there is something here for me to think about more deeply. Shucks... thanks for sucking me in and bursting my bubble.... ultimately... that's what good writing does sometimes! Thank you! I enjoyed your post, and can assure it will now stick with me for a bit!

  2. Your first line made me laugh -- I'm glad you used self-control or else your slice could be much different. It could have ran along the lines of "So I got a ticket..." kind of slice.

    Also -- cute haiku in honor of your husband!

  3. Appreciate how you were able to turn your frustration into reflection, particularly in discussing societal expectations of roles.

  4. I am proud of you controlling your road least in action. Knowing you, I can guarantee that the words of rage were flowing. :) I like how you turned your story into a life lesson.

  5. I get that way when I miss my chai, too! I completely understand. Your voice certainly came through in this piece.

  6. I would have questioned honking too. :) I also really like how you brought the piece together at the end, bringing up expectations. Very good point!