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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Care Bear Stare - SOL 6

Yesterday, the general education teacher in our 7th grade co-teaching LA class was giving this wonderful pep speech about doing well on the ISTEP test that would be starting the next day.  She had some great tips and motivational things to say to the kids.  At one point in her speech she raised her hands in cheerleader like fashion and said, "We care!"  This immediately brought to mind a part of The Care Bear movie.  I began to laugh at my own thoughts which distracted a few of the students that were sitting close to me.  I didn't want them to think I was completely crazy and randomly laughing for no reason.  I explained the images in my head to them.

My mind was continuously playing the end of the movies when the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins join hands and together use their magic Care Bear Stare to triumph over evil.  All the care bears, in order to create the most magic, shouted "We Care! We Care! We Care!"  They succeeded in banishing the shadow, helping the little children in peril, and saving the day.  The students thought that was funny.  They were still laughing about it as they got their belonging and headed home.

The next day in order to have a little fun I found a picture of the Care Bear Stare and taped it to my message board.  Above the picture I wrote WE CARE!  They were again amused and one suggested that all the teachers should act out that part of the movie for the student to let them know that we care.  Even though I highly doubt that will ever happen the principle behind the gesture will remain true and hopefully in the forefront of all our students mind as we continue testing this week.  WE CARE!!!!


  1. I have never seen any Care Bear movie. Keep in mind that I am old(er) and have boys. It does explain your board today, though. I was too busy to go look at the picture. You could have done the cheer in our class...

  2. Love it, Terri! If we go into Debbi's room next year and do the cheer, do you think they will remember? I liked your synopsis of the end of the movie, "They succeeded in banishing the shadow, helping the little children in peril, and saving the day." I wonder if we were able to create enough magic in our classroom to help them today. I hope so! Yes! We do CARE! (By the teaching with you again this year!)