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Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Kitty - SOLC 26

Be warned, this is a very sad story.

This weekend as my husband and I were cleaning out our back rooms and moving everything to the garage for storage, we found a kitten.  Normally, I detest cats but this little kitten was adorable.  She was all grey except for her little paws which were bright white.  She ran into our garage. I was put in charge of getting her out.  It took quiet a while for me to coax her out from behind boxes and furniture.  I doubt she had much if any human contact before now.She meowed a lot, sniffed my hand, and finally agreed to come closer.  I picked her up.  I quickly put her back down outside the garage when I felt her clawing my hand.  The dog was outside, so she hissed and quickly scurried away.  The cat was no longer my concern and I put her out of my mind. Until this morning when I saw her again.

She was lying in the middle of the road, dead.  She was easily recognizable by her bright white paws.  I couldn't believe it.  I never thought that might be her fate.  Sadly, I didn't think about her at all.  After seeing her this morning, she has ever been on my mind.  Should I have done something other than just let her go?  Should I have taken her in?  Should I have let my garage be her home?  Should I have found some one to take her?  All these questions swirling around in my brain making me doubt my former detest for cats.  They deserve to be loved.  They  deserve to have a family.  The cute little kitten won't have that chance.  So sad!


  1. I'm so sorry. How sad. Once I passed up a kitten that was dead, or so I thought, on the road. Later my husband called and said he picked up the same kitten and brought it to the vet. The vet removed his arm, but otherwise he was fine. We've had Sammy now for 14 years. He's never known his life on 4 legs. Probably not a great comfort to you today. But my husband has not let me forget that I passed him by.

  2. Okay, you warned me. But when I saw a title with the word kitten in it, you knew I would read it. Here it what I have learned...still struggle to learn...with all of my cats. You can't save them all. Unless you took that kitten into your home so that the road was not an option, it stood the chance of getting hit. I'm sorry for you and the kitten, but it will be alright. And should you decide you really want a kitten, I can probably help you out with that!

  3. I didn't read it becasue I don't like sad stories but I am commenting to let you know I intended to read your blog but I won't read sad stories right now. I can't take it. But ok. Happy Slicing! :)

  4. Poor kitty and you! Just know that you gave her a little love.

  5. I haven't been very committed to reading your blog. I am not sure really what made me come and read it now. Just happened to see it in my favorites.

    You never told me about the poor kitten, how sad, I can only imagine how you must of felt. I know how I would have felt. Sorry you had to experience it.

    Love ya, Mom