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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I found it!!! - SOLC 24

I found it.  After a year of morning its loss, I found my beloved necklace.  This used to be the only piece of jewelry I ever wore.  It was from my daddy.  The chain was the only jewelry he ever bought me. Well, that and an adorable cow charm for it.  This started a tradition in buying charms for my necklace for all special occasions.  I have a cross, cow, white rabbit, Eiffel Tower, London Tower Bridge, Tinker Bell, and class of 99 senior charm.  At one time, in my cool high school years, I wore several charms at one time.  Then I realized how goofy and heavy that was and just changed the charm regularly.  The last time I remember having it the Tinker Bell charm was on the chain.  It was lost it for an entire year!

We were moving furniture out of the bedroom so we could take up the old carpet and prepare for the carpet guy who would be coming this week with the new carpet.  We started to roll up the old carpet as we tore it from the floor and there it was!  I was so excited. It was a miracle that I was on that side of the room.  My husband is not that observant.  It could have ended up in the trash with the carpet.

 I immediately sent a picture message to my parents.  I have been bugging my dad to buy me a new chain since I lost mine.  I let him know he was off the hook.  They were glad I had found it as well.  It needs a little jewelry cleaner after being lost on the floor for so long but it will be good as new soon.  I will be wearing it all of next week just because I missed it that much!

This is the picture I sent soon after I found it! 


  1. How lucky for you that you found it before it was discarded! Look forward to seeing it this week!

  2. Glad you found it! It is great to have those little traditions.

  3. How wonderful that it found its way back to you.

  4. I'm so glad you found this treasure. I have a bible my dad gave me 50 years ago and it's pretty ragged, but it means the world to me. Thanks for sharing, I love a happy ending.