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Saturday, March 3, 2012

For My Husband - SOLC 3

I was telling my husband about starting a blog and how I was taking part in the writing challenge for March. I wanted him to read my blog. He asked if I was writing about him. I let him know I had not and he replied that he wasn't reading the blog if he wasn't on it. So, I wrote three pseudo-haiku poems just for him.

Man Shopping-
Shopping with my man
Is much quicker than I'd like
Money still in bank

Clicking -
My man will not stop
Clicking all that he touches
Driving me crazy

Love -
I was so alone
Then he came and did love me
Now I am happy


  1. Ha! Now you can write one about him reading your blog! I enjoy your 'haikus' .

  2. Husbands are so funny sometimes--mine worries about the same thing! And today I actually did, but I think he has quit reading because I didn't! And the last Haiku is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You get to teach Haiku! So how did hubby feel about his personal post?

    1. Boo...I will teach haiku if you do the rest. Just kidding. My hubby enjoyed his little poems. :)