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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Previews - SOLC 18

I love watching previews.  My husband hates it.  To me previews hint at the quality of the movie I am about to view.  Scary previews warn me of possible scary "pop" moments in the movie.  Horridly boring previews set my mind up for a possible ho-hum movie.  Funny previews hint at the hilarity in the movie to come.  Heart warming previews help me prepare for possible tears.  I need these hints to get me in the proper mind set for the movie.

It saddens me when my husband fast forwards past the previews so nonchalantly as if they are a waste of time. If we are allowed to watch the previews, after severe begging on my part, he talks through them.  Oh, how it aggravates me to hear him talking.  Why doesn't he understand the importance of the preview and how it sets the tone for the movie we are about to watch.

Today we rented three movies.  The first had no previews at all.  How shocking!  The movie however was pretty good.  The second movie had one scary movie preview (gulp) and one boring independent film preview.  That movie had more gore than any movie needs and was indeed very ho-hum.  The third movie had four previews.  Two of them were heart warming, one was a paramount movie DVD commercial, and one action/drama preview.  The movie was full of heart and drama.  I enjoyed it.  So, whether on the big screen or on a DVD always watch the previews, even if a husband protests through them.

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  1. Hubby and I didn't like previews at first because we wanted to get right into the movie. Now we look forward to them especially when we are in a movie theatre. At the end of the movie trailer we turn to each other and give a thumbs up or down or just a shake of the hand...means it could go either way. That how we compile a list of movies to see. : )