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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Grateful Today - SOLC 14

I am having such a great day that I decided that for the slice of life challenge I would list fourteen things that I am grateful for today.

1. weather - It is so beautiful outside.
2. husband - He is so good to me.
3. parents - They are very encouraging.
4. dog - She is so precious. 
5. job - I love trying to make a difference in my students lives.
6. co-workers - They are fun and make the job just that much better.
7. house - It's small but all mine.
8. books - I love to read and re-read great stories.
9. car - It's small but it gets me where I need to go.
10. iPad - I love technology especially when it works properly.
11. friends - We have such great memories. They are very supportive.
12. bike - I love going for bike rides.
13. camera - I love capturing moments.
14. God - "Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me." Psalms 54:4

 *note - these are not in order of importance. :)


  1. --Second post that talked about gratefulness. The sunshine might have something to do with it here in Indiana. Or some days, we just need to express it. It's a good prompt for all of us. Thanks.

  2. Great idea writing a list. I was also very thankful for the weather today. I took my kids outside to work on persuasive letters, slicing, and silent reading. They loved it! I actually had a couple of kids tell me it was TOO HOT!!! I don't think I have ever heard that in March. :)

  3. Nice list! I especially like #6!! :) Seriously, though, your verse is one I need to remember every day. Thanks for the words.