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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pepper Forever

My second post ever and I can already feel the pressure. I can't believe I am challenging myself to write everyday in the month of March. A slice of life...

My dog Pepper has been my constant companion for 15 years now. This summer I was shocked to learn she was getting old. It completely blew me away to know that forever isn't as long as I thought. Her eye sight is declining as well as her hearing. She sits and walks more gingerly than ever before. Its sad to see and realize that after spending exactly half of my life with her that she would not be with me forever.
This morning I woke as always and went to the kitchen to let Pepper out. She was in a playful mood. She was jumping, barking, and wagging her tail so excited to see me. It was if she was still in her prime and ready to conquer the great outdoors. I hated to leave her and head to work.
When I returned home she was back to the older and slightly slower Pepper I have become used to these past few months. She slowly walked to the door to greet me waging her tail ever so slowly. I greeted her as always, asking her if she missed me and was a good girl while I was gone. She curled up with her head at my feet after dinner, groaning the whole way down. As I looked down at her I realized that even if I can't have her forever, she will forever be in my heart.


  1. What a sweet looking dog. It is so hard to watch them age. It is hard to imagine life without our pets. Enjoy her every day.

  2. We had a terrier-type dog once, wonderful pal. Your dog reminds me of him. I love your sentence, "It completely blew me away to know that forever isn't as long as I thought." I guess it does come to that doesn't it? It's a sweet tribute to your lovely dog, nice to capture now. Welcome to Slice of Life!

  3. Your dog looks so very sweet. There is nothing like the love of a four footed companion. It is heart wrenching as they age and we know their time with us is slipping away. You are doing a great job catching these moments. I think you will enjoy writing in the slice of life of life challenge.

  4. Pepper is adorable. My Emma dog is around 16 or so; we're not sure just when our pound puppy was born. And she sounds a lot like Pepper. It is hard to watch them slow down. But that love, it just keeps on and on and on. Beautiful post.

  5. I'm sure Pepper will inspire many more entries to come - she looks sweet.