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Thursday, August 17, 2017

15 Year First Time Teacher

Ok...So as everyone knows I started my 15th year of teaching doing something I have never done before.  I was a confident, can do no wrong, bright eyed teacher.  I taught general education to middle school pre-teens.

Luckily, I have the experience working with kids for the past 14 years to to realize what works, what needs changed, and what was way wrong.  I implemented flexible seating, teaching stations, and a listening center.  I rocked out my decor and dressed up in all my finery.

Here is what was different today from the past 14 years of special education inclusion.  My voice is sore from either talking to much or too loud.   The jury is still out on that!  I have way to many similarities with Dug, the dog from Up.  SQUIRREL!!!!  I lost my train of thought a ton of times.  Repeating yourself four times in one day is exhausting and not much fun. The need to memorize all 110 of my students this year is going to be harder than I thought.  

So the great debate of who has the harder job will be answered by me at the end of this school year.  Will the winner for the hardest job be the special education teacher with paperwork insanity, adapting, and modifying?  OR Will the general education teacher win with the large amount of students, constant grading, and standard mastery?   Only time will tell!!!!

Thank you for every teacher and friend that took the time to ask how my first day in general education went.  I appreciate your kindness and caring!


  1. You're awesome no matter what you do!!!

  2. I watched you do special education. I already know the answer to your question! Glad you had a good day. You will have a great year because you are an awesome teacher. You care about the kids and their education. You are creative. You are flexible. Need me to keep going?? Rock it!! ��

    1. Thanks my friend! You were and are an awesome mentor teacher. I appreciate you being my sounding board for so many years!!!